THOMAS - Our Working horse -  Shire gelding

- Our Aberdeen Angus crossbred cow.  A star in every sense of the word and our cow for hand milking demonstrations.  The matriarch of the herd who has been trained as a draught ox.

Miss Moneypenny - Aberdeen Angus (Black) ear tag 007 - aka Gizmo as her ears were so large when she was a calf! Daughter of Zelda

Red Kite - aka Ki or Red.  Aberdeen Angus.  Daughter of Kittywake

Maggie - A recent addition. Pedigree Aberdeen Angus - North American Style - very large lady.  Quiet and stand-offish.

Minnie  - Aberdeen Angus / Hereford cross.  Daughter of Miss Moneypenny.  A happy accident from a breakout to meet a bull on the riverbank!

Bonnie - Pedigree Jersey, Sue's house cow. Friendly and loves to be scratched behind the ears.